Northwest 2001

Ever since I graudated from Princeton, it seems that at least once a yaer I succumb to the call of a road trip. For some reason I seem to also tend to wander with a select few, namely, Ryan Jenkins, Minister of Pants. In 2001 our annual week of mayhem resulted in a vindiction of my car's decision to peace in 1999, carrying us across the Northwest. Across Washington, Canada, Oregon, California, and even the black recesses of Canada, we camped and snapped photographs. Although the trip did make one question why summer vacation isn't honored in the real world, it did manage to remind me that sometimes nature truly can supercede the meaniality of day-to-day life and rekindle one's dissociation from the banal.

The Series

This particular adventure wound up leaving me with over 200 photographs. I have split them up roughly according to the national park or forest in which they were taken. The various series from this trip include:

The Photographs

On this trip I managed to shoot over 200 pictures, still on the Miranda camera with a Sekonic lightmeter. The films which were used were the black and white Plus-X 125 and TMAX 400, and for color I used Kodak Gold 100, 400, and Royal Gold 1000 speed films. These pictures were scanned from original negatives with a Polaroid SprintScan 4000.