Olympic National Park 2001

The first stopoff on my trip that wasn't a hotel was up in the Olympic National Park in Washington State. Here Ryan and I joined up with Ryan Sawchuk and a few other guys to go camping. The first night we got there we stayed in the Dosewillips Campground next to the Dosewillips Creek. Making it from Santa Barbara to the middle of nowhere on the Olympic penninsula in less then 34 hours was truly a push. Once we got there, we got a permit and hiked up the Lake Constance trail and went camping by the lake. This trail was approximately a 3300 foot elevation gain, and I had overestimated my stamina and packed in too much. Thankfully the other guys going up helped me out and carried about 20 pounds of extra gear for me. With the exception of dropping a sleeping bag and making Chukchuk prove he really was a mountain goat, the ascent was mostly uneventful. This trail, however, is truly a piece of work. At the top it requires you to either ascend a short rock face or try and go up through a waterfall. The lake at the top was serene and just gorgeous. Seeing the sunset over the lake and the fog roll in over the moon was indescribable.

The Photographs

My favorite photographs from this series include: