Lake Tahoe

After Lassen, the eternal curse that is my car struk. While winding our way down through the sierras my car decided that it was time for its check engine light to come on right on the way to Tahoe. After spending some time in Truckee and seeing some old trains, I eventually got hoodwinked into purchasing an O2 sensor for the engine and got on my way. I had never seen Tahoe before, and it was quite a beautiful place even if it has been turned into a yuppie haven. The lake itself is quite beautiful and would be even more so if there weren't so much development around it. We just drove through Tahoe, but I think I may need to visit there again someday during the summer when it's not snowing.

The Photographs

I only managed to take a few pictures in Tahoe as we were booking quickly around it. I did take a number of pictures of the lake trying to explore shots of sunlight off the water. One came out well, so it's the only one here.