After our camping excursion in the Olympics, Ryan and I headed north into the forbidden country...British Columbia. We stopped off in Vancouver for a day and went driving around and walking around the heart of the city. Surprisingly, the shoreline around Vancouver was lined with public parks and preserves that provided some nice excursions from the car. In some parts the shoreline was adjacent to floating logging storehouses, and in others it overlooked Vancouver Island with its mountains in the distance. This town did remind me a bit of Santa Barbara, although larger and ostensibly colder in the winter.

After Vancouver we went and drove across the north of the Cascade range and camped out in Manning Provincial Park until jettisoning our play money and heading back into the USA.

The Photographs

All of the photographs in this series were shot in parks along the shores of Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Park and Jericho Beach Park. My favorite photos from this series are: