Sometimes when I'm feeling like I need to be tortured I sit down and work on the port. This section serves as a conglomeration of my notes and contributions to the project that aren't visible on our main OS X porting page. You should visit there first to figure out how to make sense of a lot of the stuff that's here.

If you really want to read what I've been up to, go hang around Trinity.

WWDC 03 Photos!

Last Update: 07-17-03

Click the link above to see some photographs of's booth and staff at WWDC 2003, with some really unwitty commentary. Specifications

Last Update: 07-15-03

Crazy idea to start writing down some potential projects for other people to work on since I just simply don't have enough time to change the world all by myself, even if I think I could given enough time, free espresso, and significant quantities of beer.


Last updated: 10-10-02

Check out the MacOS X native prototype I've been working on at!

Buliding 1.0 for Quartz

Last updated 10-26-02

Click the link above to read the most up to date build instructions for compiling OOO_STABLE_1_PORTS for using Quartz OS X native graphics. While no where near as stable as the X11 build, this option does illustrate that it is possible to build without X11 on an OS X system. It also provides the foundation to where the OS X native team will be progressing in the future and serves as an indication of how much is left to be finished with the Quartz VCL.

Current Build Status of on MacOSX

Last updated 10-24-02 Added OOO_STABLE_1_PORTS Quartz

Click the link above to check out the current build status of the various MacOS X hosted builds (at least the ones that I've gotten working :). Only gcc2 based compiles are listed here. This status page is cumulative and addresses OO638C_MacOSX (Quartz & X11), and also OOO_STABLE_1 (Quartz & X11)!

First Aquafication of

Last updated: 09-08-02

Admist the latest brouhaha, Dan and I managed to embark upon an experiment to see if we could get drawing a few Aqua controls. Well, it took us two days, but we did ;) Check the above for the latest screenshots of the Aqua version, a work in progress!

First OOO_STABLE_1 Screenshots on MacOSX

Last updated: 07-11-02

Good news...if you follow all the patching from the build status and do some magic voodoo with setup (which will hopefully get fixed tonight...) 1.0 can launch on OS X using the X11 graphics. Click the link above to get some screenshots to see that yes, it may be worth the effort to try and start downloading the source code again!

Merging OO638C_MacOSX into OOO_STABLE_1

Last updated 06-15-02

Click the link above to get a general procedure for how I've been getting modules I know have built successfully on our OO638C_MacOSX branch building successfully on OOO_STABLE_1.

Pictures from WWDC 2002

Last Updated 06-09-02

Click the link above to see some of our pictures from our presentation and booth at WWDC 2002! Got more pictures you want up? Just e-mail them to me and I'll get them up inbetween beer and work!

Full Patch Set from OO638C_MacOSX

Last Updated 06-09-02

In preparation for beginning to work on the OOo 1.0 Stable merge, I put together a tar file containing an individual patch file for each module in OO638C_MacOSX holding the differences between OO638C and OO638C_MacOSX. These patches allow one to see what changed between the branches for OS X support. Potentially one could even attempt to apply them to OOO_STABLE_1 and see what doesn't aply without changes...

Diary of WWDC 2002

While on the plane back from the East Coast, I put together a journal of the crazy events leading up to our first build and our launch at WWDC for trying to recruit more developers. If you build it, they will come...hopefully...


The following patches have not yet been integrated with the full repository, but they are available here for testing:

The following patches are currently part of the OO638C_MacOSX branch of the repository with verbose explanations for the purpose behind each:




Here are a couple of historical things that may be useful to someone:

Building OpenOffice OO638C on 10.1.x: This document is from 1/12/02-1/14/02 which I wrote while doing a fresh download of the CVS source for the OO638C branch. These instructions have since been superceded by the most current build instructions for OO638C_MacOSX. They contain an 'updated' version of the basic build instructions off of the OOo website from OO638B, but this set of instructions should be more functional and help avoid pitfalls that cause the steps in the April 2001 document to fail.

Final OO638C Build Status: Last updated: 2/2/02. This build status is currently incorrect, as OS X builds can succeed. It's useful to maintian as a historical archive for applying patches and such. Daniel Boss thankfully constructed a nicely formatted document indicating the current state of the OpenOffice for OS X build. This page, which can be viewed from the link above, lists each of the modules and their current status on OS X. It also includes links to any patches or other special instructions which may need to be applied to the modules. If you have any additions or corrections, feel free to contact Daniel or myself.