First OOO_STABLE_1 Screenshots

Edward Peterlin

Last modified: 07/11/02

After months of wrangling and a boatload of patches, the 1.0 sources can now build and run on OS X using the X11 graphics! While there are bugs in the setup code and there are no build instructions as of yet, here's some of that evidence of the way that things will work if you slog through applying 53 patches. Click on the thumbnails to get larger copies: startup splashscreen. Yes, I used the wrong startup screen but one wonders if you could see this in the future...(and if someone trying to sell it needs a couple of OS X consultants... ;)

The fun address book import dialog. Click "Cancel" as always until Moz1.0 is incorporated. Calc Draw Impress. New presentation creation wizard in 1.0 that chooses the transition between slides...not in 638C. Impress Writer. Note that this was opening up a sample Word document from disk...the filters still work too!

So everything launches without crashing and getting setup working is the current most major hurdle. It's in a much better state than the first OO638C builds and it looks like our OOO_STABLE_1 patches successfully moved most of the OS X fixes over without losing too much (except for that creepy unzip module :).