Edward Peterlin: September 5, 2003.

This directory contains several project proposals and design hints that developers may wish to undertake for All of these documents are made available under the PDL and may be freely redistributed or modififed. If you have clarifications or enhancements to these documents, or would like to contribute some of your own, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Name Description Downloads
Keynote File Filters

Last revision: 7/15/03 11:17 AM PST

This project includes adding in functionality to for all platforms to read and write files created by the Keynote application. Writer [427K]

Microsoft Word [505K]

Native File Picker

Last revision: 9/5/03

This project aims to replace the open and save file dialogs of with standard Mac OS X file dialogs. Writer [12K]
Address Book Driver

Last revision: 9/5/03

This project illustrates the creation of an database driver for accessing the system Address Book on Mac OS X and linking it to built-in address book features. Writer [12K]
Filter Framework API This project describes the infrastructure for a generic NSFilter framework to allow applications open access to filters for document content extraction and format conversion. Writer [16K]
Envelope Address Book Action Plugin This project outlines the development of an Address Book Action plugin that will generate envelopes for OOo documents with properly formatted international addresss and return addreses. Writer [36K]