OO638C Sal Build Patch

Edward Peterlin



Over the weekend I began rebuilding a clean checkoug of the OO638C source base as I had previously been working off of the B branch. I also installed the December build tools for 10.1 from Apple, and lo, bootstrap failed to build.

The Problem

Perhaps it was a change in the compiler from Apple, but one of the definitions of a structure in a header wasn't being properly typdedefed by the compiler. The code may also have been committed to the branch incorrectly, I'm not sure. Instead of a structure being properly used as a pointer, the structure's typedef was listed as empty.

This problem was in sal/inc/osl/module.h in a section defining oslModule and was Mac OS X specific.

The Patches

You can download the patches from:

To apply the patch:

  1. cd /your/openoffice/root/sal
  2. patch -p0 < /path/to/downloaded/sal.011302.diff