Last updated 06-09-02

Below are some of the pictures from the booth and presentation at WWDC 2002! Click on the thumbnail for a larger version. Want a caption changed? Want a picture taken down? Want a picture put up? Just e-mail Ed and he'll get to it inbetween brews!

All thanks to Zaheda for some awesome photography!

Lobby of the San Jose Convention Center
Upper floors of the San Jose Convention Center outside of the exhibition and presentation halls
We start setting up the booth. Notice how empty it looks. Aside from a divine monitor, it looked just about that empty until the last day we had it :)
The dining hall at the SJCC. I only ate here once with some really cool Darwin people.
Ed & MH finally meet! We're talking in the lobby
Ed & MH in front of one of the huge Aqua X's in the lobby
The session has come! MH in front of the presentation stage
Session 103's opening slide...the fun begins!
Ed demos sdraw. And if you look close enough, forgets how to properly enter spreadsheet formulae.
Ed lets people know how they can help us out
Ed & MH answer questions after the session
Ed & DC, open source Diva, in front of the convention center after the session
The WWDC posse in front of the convention center after the session
the developer dudes MH, SH, & Ed in the lobby
the developer dudes, in front of our big OS X!
The booth on Tuesday. We've got a poster in the upper right...better than blank, but still no competition for the booth next to us ;)
JM does things with simpress no one has ever done before! And works with that most holy of holy LCD monitors
Ed pitches the Developer's CD to some people just hearing about Now how long will it be before they join the effort...;)
Exhausted, perhaps possessed, Ed continues to burn those Developer CD's going right to people off the burners by this point...
SH and MH work on the side trying to get 1.0 building...:)
Just hours before we close, our holy monitor gets whisked back to its temple...but our booth gains color backdrops and colro labels for the CDs...and t-shirts to boot! Rock!
Yeah! MW knows how cool this is ;)
MW, Ed, and FO at the booth, tired as things wind down...
Ed, MH, LP, ZB meet M after a successful pitch for help at WWDC!
On the last day, one tired Ed.
At least SH is still smiling!
And the still energetic photographer too :)