javaunohelper Patch

Edward Peterlin



Daniel Boss has provided a patch for the odk and project modules to get them to build properly and recognize OS X dylib shared libraries. While applying his patches to the OO638C branch and performing a "build -all debug=true" style build, I noticed that some of the dependent modules didn't build. One of the missing libraries for product which caused the build to fail was libjuh.dylib. This is one of the libraries built as part of the javaunohelper project.

The Patch

The patch is to the d.lst file for to allow it to properly locate and deliver libjuh.dylib.

The patch is available from:

To apply the patch

  1. cd /your/openoffice/root/javaunohelper
  2. patch -p0 < /path/to/downloaded/javaunohelper.012302.diff