Yosemite NP 1999

It was right after my long cross country trip that I had to finally settle on down into a new job and a new place to live. Just a few weeks after I arrived, it was already time to host my first guest. I picked him up from LA and after branding Magic Bus forever into his brain, we drove on up for the first night in my new apartment. With no furniture, sleeping on the floors, and a shower without a curtain, it was clear that this would never do. So we hopped in a car and road tripped it up to Yosemite. It was only seven hours away and would be a great day trip. We got there and hiked up the Yosemite Falls trail (without enough water, I might add), but I got to experience this wonderful canyon again. It would be the first of many times I would be in its glorious walls. After nearly hitting a bear on the way out, I dropped my friend off in Pacifica for the next leg of his West Coat journey and headed on back to settle back into my new digs until the next road trip would occur.

The Photographs

These pictures were taken with my old Miranda camera on a roll of Tri X 400 film and were mostly overexposed, but some survived. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.