Utah 2002

On the July 4th weekend, I decided to skip the Santa Barbara celebrations and head off on another road trip. I hadn't been to Utah in over half a year and knew there was a lot I had left to see. I did a quick whirlwind tour of Capitol Reef NP, Natural Bridges NM, and Canyonlands NP. I only got a chance to do a short day hike around the Castle Rock formation in Capitol Reef. In Canyonlands, i only was in the Island in the Sky district driving around and looking off the mesa. I really woul dlike to go explore these places a bit more, espeically with a backpack and my newer camera.

The drive was beautiful, but Utah in the summer does get very hot. Thankfully my tires held up for as long as they did, but I prudently replaced them before heading back across the Mojave to the left coast.

The Photographs

These pictures were taken with my old Miranda camera on Plus-X 125 film. Click on "Next" in the upper right to begin.

Here are the start of the photographs from various stops along the trip: