Texas/Arizona 2003

On Thanksgiving Day weekend, I took some extra time off and finally made it to Western Texas. I had been trying to get to Big Bend NP for years, and finally I did. The land there is gorgeous with some beautiful mountains in the distance. I went hiking along Wilson ranch and into some of the red rock formations at the base of the Chisos. I then headed north and hit Guadalupe Mountains NP at the border of Texas. Camping there was definitely an adventure with some strong winds blowing through the area. Some of the springs there are beautiful. It's just bizarre to be hiking through the desert and suddenly see how the land changes to trees, ferns, and lush undergrowth. On the way back through Arizona I finally stopped off at Saguaro NP to walk around the big cacti. I'd seen little Saguaro at Organ Pipe earlier, but the ones outside of Tucson were quite large and must have been hundreds of years old. All in all, 3000 miles, a squeak in the transmission, but a wonderful trip. Now I need to find more time to get back and float down the Rio Grande!

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The Photographs

The photographs were taken with my Minolta SRT 101. The lenses that accompanied me were: 21/2.8, 24/2.8, 28/3.5, 35/1.8, 35 Shift CA, 45/2, 58/1.2, 85 Varisoft, 135/2.8, and a Vivitar 85-200 zoom lens. The film used was Kodachrome PKR64, one roll of Velvia, and one roll of Scala.

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