Sequoia NP, 2013

Unexpectedly, one of my best friends contacted me and mentioned that he might have a day or two available in California and might like to visit. Why hang around in a city? I asked my friend what he would like to do, and he said the moutains were calling...and so by necessity they called me as well. Crazy trip time had come again, and being winter, the Sierras wanted company. So, time to rent a 4x4, use that REI dividend to complete the second set of winter gear, grab some firewood and Dinty Moore, and shove off for an adventure.

I always have known the Sequoias sing. I was unprepared for seeing them in Winter. If in summer they sing as soloists, in Winter they roar. After a long overdue evening of bonding, waking up at first light to make the coffee and motivate the 4WD kicked in gear and we headed up into the Giant Forest. The morning sun just glinted off of the snow and made the sequoias shine with a golden red that no camera can capture. And that was just the first five minutes. Tossing on the gloves and the crampons we headed out snow hiking in the Giant Forest. For hours it was just nothing but being with the trees; as my friend said being in the awe of such an ancient forest. Walking on trails in the snow with no footprints; rejoicing in the deafining silence and majesty. So quiet to hear the slicing of crampons through the hard snow and the first sounds of the birds in the morning.

No words can describe the transcendence and energy of the Giant Forest in winter.

Unfortunately, we still had to leave. With a great little hike in the foothills the journey was finalized and my friend headed back to his family. The time afterwords has been one of decompression, of accepting such stunning beauty and incorporating it into myself. My mind is emboldened; no matter what pettiness surrounds me I know I am close to the Majesty of God. I know it is just a matter of time before I will return again to hear the choir song of the Big Trees.

The Photographs

Picutres were from the a900 system with the 24-70 and 16-35 lenses. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.