Sequoia NP 2003

I had been driving through Sequoia in 2001 and had always told myself to get back to this park and go backpacking. After my friend moved to California, I had a new backpacking partner and got a chance to run through the Lakes Trail of Sequoia. The backcounry of this park is breathtaking. Large granite canyons on a Yosemite scale just meandered up to high stone cliffs and beautiful mountain lakes. This was also the first time I had experienced hearing a rockslide in person. Stunning land, beautiful canyons. All backpackers need to experience this place, and I have only scratched the surface! It also reminded me of how awful backpacking in a thunderstorm can be, but how beautiful the forest is right after the rain.

The Photographs

Pictures were taken with a Minolta SRT101 and a 58/1.4 lens. Film is Velvia 50 and Kodak Plus-X 125 for B&W. Click on the "Next" link to continue. Also you may want to check out some of the digital pictures (Sony Cybershot) from this trip.

My favorite photos include: