Santa Cruz, 2017

I have known my best friend for a long time and travelled to his multiple weddings. For me, hosting visiting friends has become a great honor. I was blessed that my best friend trusted me to host his family, keep them safe and show them an enjoyable time. I don&t know how anyone can give someone else that level of trust. Big shoes to fill.

We had a wonderful trip out to the Channel Islands. These islands have grown on me for a while. And with all our rain this year, oh my. Are they green. I can&t even remember seeing the hillsides by Santa Barbara this green. And the giant coreopsis was just going nuts! Full cliffsides were infected, making rivers fo gold from the clifftop to the shore.

I&d thought I&d seen a bloom before, but with the size of these flowers maybe I lucked out!

Spending time wth a family and a taste of being a parent, even if adopted for three days...well...I&ll pass. Seems like there are a few sprinkled moments of really great love and beauty enveloped by a bunch of ennui and misery. If only kids could sleep until noon I think a lot of our problems could be solved!

The Photographs

Picutres were from the a900 system with the 24-70 lens.

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