San Piedro Point 1999

After graduating college, my good friend Kevin wound up taking a job on the penninsula. One of the places he lived was a house in Pacifica perched up on the slopes above the ocean. This place had over 100 stairs to climb before you could reach the house. But once you were up there it was gorgeous. It was the highest house on the hill, and right behind the house were trails leading off along the hills and the coast. One December evening we went out for a hike and wound up seeing a beautiful sunset around San Piedro Point (or as it's locally known, "Bird Shit Rock"). As Kevin recently pointed out, the spot where I took many of these pictures from probably has washed out and may no longer even exist. Hopefully the house hasn't...

The Photographs

These pictures were taken with my old Miranda camera on Plus X 125, Royal Gold 200, and Tri X 400 film. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.