Massachusetts 1999

In late June of 1999 after my graduation from Princeton I got together with one of my longtime friends Dave Strozzi and went on a road trip through Cape Cod and Massachusetts. Our trip lasted approximately one week, and like almost all had no set plan of attack. We knew we wanted to see Walden Pond and perhaps some places on the shores of Cape Cod, but we ended up mostly taking shots at finding interesting towns in the atlas while attempting to navigate through a rotary. There were some pretty things along the way, but perhaps the most monentous time of the trip was spent in the car rediscovering the wonder of Pink Floyd and the traffic jams on the Conneticut Turnpike.

The Photographs

This trip was shot on about two rolls of Kodak Max film, mostly doing tourist shots. These shots were done without a lightmeter.

My favorite photographs from this set are: