Malibu Canyon State Park

After spending a lot of time driving down to Santa Monica on the 1 and finally having a friend who started venturing out, I've recently found that there are all kinds of parks and trails through Malibu that are wonderful for short little day hikes. Apparently back in the 80s there was a large conservation movement that started to set aside lands in the Santa Monica mountain range as parks. At the beginning of February I went out hiking through Malibu Canyon State Park. Some of the rock formations there are gorgeous! The trails wind up into the hills through some very different canyons with some eroded rock formations that are truly unique. While there was only time to hike for a few hours before sunset, this is one place I should go back to and explore a little more.

The Photographs

These photographs were taken with my Minolta SRT101 system on a roll of near-expiry Velvia 50. Unfortunately, my accessory belt broke (stupid me, I brought a dress belt instead of a good cloth one) so I was only able to take two lenses with me...the 58/1.2 and the 45/2. It actually was interesting as it was a while since I had such a limited lens selection. There were definitely times that I was muttering under my breath for even a 35mm lens. I know I already accidentally turned into a lens hound but hadn't realized I'd started consciously choosing specific lenses to get certain effects. Strange.

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