Zaca Lake 2003

One of my physics buddies from Princeton was able to spend some time down in Santa Barbara while out on the west coast for a conference. While the first night is lost in a haze, the second day he was here he decided he'd like to go hiking and see what this whole nature thing I'd gotten into was all about. I drove him back into the Los Padres NF to Figeuroa Mountain and took him hiking on the Zaca Lake trail from the road to the Ballard campground and back. I love this trail and hike it frequently. It's got elevation gains and also meanders through a large variety of landscapes with great views. Strangely, though I hike this trail frequently, this was the first time I brought a camera with me.

The Photographs

This was my first outing with my Minolta SRT101 and used only the 58/1.4 lens. Film was Scala 200. Click on "Next" in the upper right to begin. Pictures I thought were notable were: