Los Padres NF, Silver Peak Wilderness, 2018

So, I was at a party. Many tales start with that, but no, really, I was at a party. I wound up talking with a coworker and it turns out they were thinking about getting into backpacking. Hmm, I thought, well, I have extra gear and there's a beautiful trail off of the PCH by SLO where they live, so why not?

Being a guide is a lot of work. There was a lot of gear planning, but also trying toget everything set so they would have a good time. Backpacking is one of my loves, so if I'm going to introduce someone to it, it is something that needs to be done right.

The trail is just as beautiful as I remember, no cars, gorgeous views, sun shining, fog disappearing. I hope they are enjoying it. We pass by Buckeye and one of them points out a stone that was clearly used as a metate. I'd passed by it many times but never noticed. Every trail you hike again always is enlightened by new eyes.

Although I am concerned about when the sun will set, these boys push along and we hit Villa Creek. Oh my. Seeing the look of happiness, dare I say giddiness, on someone's face seeing the redwoods; it is a blessing to see an adult possess the wonder of a child. The heavy pack, the slogging, it is all suddenly worthwhile. I have been able to share with new people the wonderful excitement that is being in the mountains.

The Photographs

Picutres were from an iPhone SE. I know.

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