Sesepe Creek, March 2004

Early March brought heavy rains to the Santa Barbara area, some of the heaviest I'd seen in all of my time living out here. One weekend the rain lifted and it was finally sunny enough for extended hiking. I decided that I needed to go out and experience the rain-filled rivers in the backcountry. I drove past the Rose Valley area and towards Lion to go hiking along the Sesepe Creek. I'm certain some of the 2 ft. deep water I was slogging through will be dry rockbeds in just a few months! The area back by Lion is gorgeous, however. Between the waterfalls, roaring feeder streams, and snowcapped mountains in the distance this land was gorgeous. I just wish I had more time to spend tromping through it...not to mention a dry pair of boots!

The Photographs

These pictures were taken on Plus-X 125 and Velvia 50. The pictures were with my Minolta system. Since my previous excursion I had added a 17mm f4 lens to my collection and this trip was some of my first experimentation with this lens. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.