Sesepe Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest

May 2004

I'd been trying to donate my old car for some time after getting my Prowler, but the donation agency had yet to come pick my car up. One weekend I had free I took her out on one last great excursion into the wilderness. I drove back into the Piru Creek area of the Sesepe Wilderness, a place where I had been with a friend about a year back and a place to which I had always wanted to return. The sparse dry forests combined with the rich colors of the soils and the grasses are a beautiful sight to behold. Last time I was hiking here I was on the south fork of Piru Creek, so this time I hiked along the north fork to see what I could see.

I wish I could spend my life back in these mountains that call to me so much with their subdued beauty, enticing you to go in and explore their wonders.

The Photographs

These photographs were taken on Kodachrome PKR 64 and Agfa Scala 200 with my Minolta system. All lenses were brought with me. This was prior to my fisheye lens acquisition.

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