Lassen Volcanic NP, 2000

In the middle of 2000 a good college friend came on out to visit me in Santa Barbara. Jeff had a very close girlfriend at the time and wanted to spend time with her. One weekend while he was out I dropped him off for his weekend adventure and I decided to head on out for one of my own. I found a spot of national park I hadn't visited before and strutted on out to go take a peek. Lassen Volcanic was its name, adn I was in for one large surprise. Lassen was like the Tetons mixed with Yellowstone, but all within a small area. The volcanic mountains were gorgeous and the transitions between volcanic formations and new growth forest were intoxicating. Even though hopefully Lassen won't erupt for a while, there were still enough hot areas and mud pits to keep amateur volcanologists occupied for years!

The Photographs

These photographs were taken on my old Miranda camera with what I believe to be TMax 400 and a Fuji print film. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.