Jupiter Mine 2022

So I go up to visit a friend who hikes, a friend I introduced to backpacking a while back...

Whelp I follow his advice and we wind up going on this hike in BLM land. It starts at a turnoff where there is a horse that looks like it's been mistreated with spurs...

We have a wonderful hike but it's all uphill. I'm not an uphiller. So midway through I stop to go to the bathroom and use my boxers to wipe, and said boxers are happily dispatched to the whims of the elments.

And then comes the mine. Oh boy! I&apm;m not a fan of sharp ridges and dropoffs, but, yup, there there were! Rappeling next to mine shafts grabbing a steel wire; thank you M. for bringing gloves! And, at the end, stairs that were open so you could see underneath, one of my largest fears ever since being in the Rockaway Townsquare mall as a kid!

All said the mine was amazing; one of the best art installations I've seen in my life. The land is gorgeous and there are awesome campsites at the top of the mountain. It is so beautiful that as someone that appreciates both wilderness and art you should visit.

Just don't use spurs with your horse.

The Photographs

iPhone 12 mostly. Packed the gear but was too busy being afraid to take it out.

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