Jenkins Farm

In June of 2004 I was invited to go to the farm of the parents of one of my best friends. Their property nestled in the forests of New Jersey is truly beautiful with a wide array of gorgeous trees, buildings, ponds, and also wonderful people. I was asked to photograph a specific tree that they could not capture with their camera equipment, but I kind of went overboard and just tried to make beautiful pictures from their property. It was quite enjoyable for me but I was anxious at the same time; this was the first time I was explicitly asked to photograph a place that's so familiar to a number of people! I was pleased with some of the results I got and hope there's at least one or two ones they enjoy in it too!

The Photographs

These photos were shot on Velvia 50 with my Minolta system. I had all of my lenses with me and also got a chance to play around with my latest acquisition, a 7.5mm circular fisheye!

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