Jack London SP, 2002

One of my good college friends used to live up in Sebastopol in Sonoma County. I'd visit him from time to time, and once when I was up there we decided to go hiking in Jack London SP. This was an old estate that Jack London owned and is now some hundreds of acres of beautifully preserved land in Northern California. Unfortunately I didn't know enough about photography to take advantage of the unique lighting at this time. The grape vines in the vinyards were changing and had a firey orange that was tantalized with the sunset. Getting lost in the park was also interesting and unplanned...

The Photographs

Due to the lack of a lightmeter (forgot at home) and inexperience, not many photographs were properly exposed. These were off of a Miranda camera with Kodak TMax 400 film. Click "Next" in the upper right hand corner to begin.