Inyo NF

Big Pine Creek trail

March 2007

I thought I had been to the Sierras, I thought I had experienced the beauty of the West. I was wrong. One September weekend a couple of great friends of mine decided they wanted an excursion into the Sierras. Not being willing to disappoint, I dragged out my topos and found this base camp that offered lots of opporunity.

I was not prepared for what we were about to see. Gorgeous cliffs and rock formations tempted the climber from all sides; the glorious azure blue of the glacial lakes beckoned for the thirsty. The High Sierra is truly a temple carved out of rock. Waking up to the orange rays of the sun upon this land reminds one of how feeble we all are when compared to the beauty of the Earth surrounding us.

In Big Pine Creek I have found a place to which I shall need to return, the beauty of the high Sierras and the gold of the autumn aspens. If only photos could share that joy of seeing the new vistas always around the next bend, perhaps then I could share the pleasure and comfort this land really possesses.

The Photographs

I started off with a roll of Kodachrome PKR 64, followed by two rolls of Kodachrome PKL 200, and ending with a roll of Scala. The reflections off the azure lake made me remember why I love Kodachrome, and I am still sad this film has been discontinued. I hope the silver trees and green waters can make the world remember this film and lament its passing.

The camera and lenses used were my old Minolta manual system was in use. Click on "Next" in the upper right to begin.