Hoover Dam, 2012

Unfortunately my uncle out in Arizona passed away suddenly late last year and I took my parents out for his memorial service, a sad time but yet nice to meet his friends and people who hold him in high esteem. An aunt of mine flew into Las Vegas for the ceremonies, and on the way back we did a quick stopoff at Hoover Dam to pass a little bit of time. I had never seen it myself even though I had intended to drive across it for years. Well now there's a bypass bridge which actually is pretty amazing, especially if you get to see some of the photos of how it was constructed. The landscape around the area is beautiful, and hopefully in a less somber time I'll be in a better mindest to open up and appreciate these canyons.

The Photographs

Knowing I needed to work indoors, I had an A580 DSLR with me and used that for these shots as a first foray into digital. Kit lens plus wide angle DSLR lens. Apeture export.

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