Hendy Woods SP

March 2005

In March I was invited along to a camping trip up in Mendocino by one of my good college friends Kip. Kip is an amazing person and has been blessed with some of the most amazing friends I've ever met. For one weekend in March I was invited to go out a camping with the crew. Although I drank too much and paid the price, I hope my presence was wecome. The drive to Hendy Woods SP was through some classic Northern California developed wildenrness. Rolling grass hills gave way to sporadic oaks and willows; Upon the split before the protected lands it was as if the Red Sea had parted, on the left flattened orchards, on the right redwoods towering as high as the eye could see. The magnificence and the heartbreak of this land is hard to endure.

The Photographs

This was my first excursion playing with a Minolta Super-SRT body I had picked up secondhand. Unfortunately the body seems unable to pick up on manually stopped lenses. Having cockily left my other body at home, i used meter values from other lenses and, funny that, it worked out OK. The pictures were shot on a roll of Scala 200. Click Next in the upper right to begin.