Mt. Figueroa Sunset 2000

In January of 2000, Isaiah came out to visit Santa Barbara. It may have been his first time out here. Anyway, a few weeks before I had finally gotten a map of the area and started exploring the national forest and some of the back roads. That was when I found Figueroa Mtn. Road. One day, realizing that there may be a good sunset in the works, we drove on out to go see it from the top of the mountain. This was only the second time I'd been up in the area, and it was quite stunning.

The Photographs

These were shot with my old Miranda camera on TriX 400 and Kodak Max 400. This was the time when I discovered that the shutter in the camera stuck at anything less then 60, and even at 60 the mirror didn't always return. I guess in retrospect I should have gotten a new camera right then and there, but instead I just changed how I used it.

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