Mt. Figueroa Poppy Fields

January 2005

Shortly after my excursion into the wet wilds of the backcountry of this unusual spring weather I found myself yearning for more. I wanted to see this land at its most raw. I took off in my Tigger up Fig. Mtn. Road, camera in hand, watch on belt, and pack ready for an exursion into the valleys to which all roads were closed. Unfortunately, fate did not look kindly upon my wishes. Somewhere to the top of the mountain the brakelight on my car has snapped off and was dangling just by the wire, scratching my lovely car's clearcoat.

I stopped off on the side of the road and spent an hour carefully removing the light and storing it wrpaped up on the passaner seat like an awkwardly lost tooth. Depressed, I no longer wanted to hike and backpack. I got back in my car, Tigger, and rode on down the mountain. It was not a backpacking day for me.

Not willing to call my trip a total loss, I stopped off on the side fo the road and shot some pictures in the glorious wild poppy field inundating the side of the summit. This poppy field was the reasond I had come up the mountain, so it only made sense to take some pictures. I wish I had more time and didication to fund such amanzing fields within the bosom of these equally glorious mountains.

The Photographs

These photographs were taken on my Minolta systme with Kodachrome PKR 64 film. Click "Next" in the uper right to begin.