Estonia 2005

During the strange times that be, one of my good friends decided to get married for some very fine reasons. Abruptly, I found myself traveling once again to Estonia. I was stationed in a hotel very close to the Old City. After an amazing BBQ on St. John's day, I got a good Kiek in de Kok (roughly translated as "gunnery tower") and left at 6AM to do some photography in my time off from wedding duties. The Old Town of Tallinn was completely deserted. There were spots I walked through that at time of day had still been abandoned by the postcard wenches. The Old Town is eerily magnificent when it is abandoned.

I managed to get an equally isolating experience the day after the reception after spending the night at a lovely manor in central Estonia. I wandered around for hours before anyone else was awake. If only my photographs could convey the stiffness of the air I felt that day after the humid East coast rains.

The Photographs

All of these photographs were taken with my Minolta SRT-Super body on Kodachrome PKR 64 film . I had brought much more film with me, but didn't see anything needing the other films. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.