Estonia 2003

After college one of my good friends began to learn about his grandparents' language and culture. When the bottom fell out of the consulting market, he high-tailed it up out of the country and went to live in Estonia. In the summer of 2003 I went over to Estonia for 8 days to visit him. Graciously, my friend showed me around the majority of the entire country, a beautiful land of birch forests and old farms dotted with castles, German manor houses, old windmills, beautiful rivers, German WWII fortifications, and Soviet-era eyesores. This really is a beautiful land that I hopes gets preserved for the future.

The Photographs

Photographs were taken with a Minolta SRT101 camera. Lenses used were 58/1.4, 28/3.5, 35/2.8, 125/2.8. Film was a mixture of Velvia 50 (first roll), Kodachrome PKR 64, and Scala 200. As there isn't much hiking that was safe, I wound up exploring different subject material like structures and cityscapes that I hadn't shot in quite some time. Click on the "Next" in the upper right hand corner to begin.

Additionally, check out some cheezy digital camera shots. Sony cybershot digital camera was used.

My favorite film shots are: