Death Valley 2004

In April 2004 I finally got to take my new car on a road trip to Death Valley. The springtime wildflower season was in full effect, and the weather seemed wonderful. Ryan, wanting a weekend adventure, was more then happy to tag aong. Driving through the desert in a convertible is an experience everyone should have. As fate would have it, however, the moment we got into Death Valley itself it started raining. With a dirty car and leaky seals we drove around the valley floor to areas of the park I've never been. When we got to Uhebe Crater, about 50 MPH winds were coming off the crater walls. They could even hold up your own weight!

The next day was a sunny day with those expansive blue skies across the entire valley. With the snowcapped Telescope Peak as the background, we drove on up to see the wildflower bloom in Jubilee Pass, went hiking out on the salt flats at Badwater, and went hiking through the formations around Artist's Palette. It is trulyi amazing that there are still things I have to see even though I've been there so many times.

The Photographs

These pictures were taken on Kodachrome PKR with my Minolta camera system. The following lenses travelled with me: 17/2.8, 21/2.8, 24/2.8, 28/3.5, 35/1.8, 35 Shift, 45/2, 58/1.2, 85 Varisoft, and 135/2.8. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.

Ryan also borrowed my digital camera and the two of us took some additional digital camera shots.