Death Valley 2003

2003 was an unusal year for the Southwest. The pattern of the rain had been altered. Instead of a very concentrated rainy period, the rains were spread out all the way through April and May. A side effect of this was an incredible wildflower bloom in Death Valley. The continual rains spread out the water and made the temperature shift more gradual, keeping the blooming season at least one full month long. I decided to not pass this opportunity up and took a camping trip to Deatn Valley. I started at the campgrounds at the tops of the Panamits and made my way down. It was truly mindblowing to see a landscape so radically different from all of the other times I've been in and around the valley. The amazing array of mineral color was dashed and dotted with vibrant yellows, purples, and whites. The bloom in the desert is truly a phenomenal sight.

The Photographs

These photographs were taken with a Miranda camera on Velvia 50, providing a little bit richer color for the flowers (a.k.a. "DisneyChrome"). Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.

Some of my favorite photos are: