Dome Land Wilderness

Sequoia National Forest

In August 2004 one of my backpacking buddies called up and wanted to figure out a place to go for the weekend. I took out a map and saw that I had never been to the Sequoia National Forest. There was this wilderness area named Dome Land that looked particularly enticing. We drove in through beautiful canyons along the Kern River and up into the lower Sierras. Hiking in presented us with a wonderful landscape, a valley graced with granite domes and spires and as empty as empty gets. We definitely got a workout that weekend. There was a definite lack of water sources in the backcountry so when we found a river we knew we needed to filter some water. Ry dropped the filter and a nalgene in, so as he cleaned them off I decided to go and try to filter some more water to help rinse them. I found a rock that decided it didn't like me there, and it shifted and I went into the river. Unfortunately one of my lenses did too, so I was without my Varisoft for the remainder of the trip. In retrospect we should've gotten much more water, though, but things all worked out in the end.

The Photographs

The pictures were taken on Scala and Kodachrome PKR 64 film with my Minolta system. Click "Next" in the upper right to begin.