Death Valley NP

January 2006

The begininning of this year found one of my open source friends in California for a while. After a healthy night of drinking, we nearly met our match braving the intense heat of winter in Death Valley (a balmy 65 degrees). I've been here many times and there are still so many things I haven't seen. There are still things just off the road that I've never been to yet. This was my first time dropping by Mosaic Canyon. The marble there formed some wacky layers. On the floor of the valley it was slick in places, almost polished. I also got to Badwater again and out on the salt flats. It's amazing. It's totally different from when I was there over a year ago. Instead of wacky salt formations it was mostly flat. I wonder how all of those bubbles and the like must form! I also got to play in Golden Canyon again, and this time with color film! We followed up by trapezing through the sand dunes. I hadn't been on dunes since White Sands many years ago. The wind and the sand really do make some wonderful shapes and forms, not to mention great places to research static friction! Back from the mountains I love, I brought some fun memories and a newfound fear of ninjas, igloos, and Boy Scout troops.

The Photographs

The pictures were taken with my Minolta system. The first roll is Kodachrome 25 KM, alebit with some dreary lighting. The second roll is Kodachrome PKR 64, which almost was too fast for how bright it was!

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