Davy Brown Trail, Los Padres NF

May 2005

I was about to leave for the East Coast for a while when a couple of my friends called me up and wanted to go hiking. After some indecision, I talked them into going to hike the Davy Brown trail in the Los Padres National Forest. I had tried to hike this trail a number of times in the past but either had missed the trailhead, experienced car trouble (with multiple cars), or decided to do shorter hikes instead. I had thought that the trail would be like some of the others in the area, but was I ever wrong. The trail wound down through the mountain meadows on top of Mt. Figueroa through a small canyon with a wonderful creek running through it. Stepped rocks formed the canyon walls and at some points were water-worn, looking like polished marble. Some of the wildflowers were still out as well as some plants I had never seen blooming before. We were going to loop back, but one of the connector trails was weeded over and we did a longer loop instead, getting wonderful views out of Hurricane Ridge and the other mountains bordering the Sisquoc river. This is a delightful trail and is one I'll be hiking again.

The Photographs

The photos were taken with my Minolta system starting with a roll of Kodachrome PKR 64 followed by a roll of Kodachrome KL 200. The consumer KL was from a batch I had gotten shipped instead of the PKL that I had ordered, but thankfully the colors weren't too bad on the KL so I've got a couple of good rolls at least.

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