Scorpion, Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands NP 2022

So, for whatever reason on their part, an old adventure pal decided to reach out after years and reconnect. So I challenged him to go out on an adventure! We were supposed to go out to San Miguel but it was too windy, so that boat was cancelled. Santa Cruz was still open...but he agreed and we kept on going on...

The high wind warning was totally true: I was 'woofing' very soon after we left the shore. And woofing the entire day. Not too much fun in that respect, but it was still beautiful! And I got to tell the adventure pal lots of tall tales and he was patient with me. Even when again becoming the mountain goat I remember and scrambling up a mountain. So much so that, while beside the trail after some woofing, the rangers came on up in a side by side to see if we were hurt! Adventure pal lost his phone somewhere on the mountain...doubt it'll ever be found but it may confuse one of the Channel Island foxes in the future...

Note tos self: Get Dramamine the day before!

The Photographs

Though I had packed my full gear, woofing made me only use my iPhone 12 and even then sparingly. So all that is here are a few images but a lot of stories!

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