Cathedral Peak

April 2005

One weekend one of my friends from work and a couple of his buddies got together to go climb a trail known locally as the Cathedral Peak trail. It was a nice sunny weekend in one of the nice stretches of weather that we had gotten in Santa Barbara all year. The four of us started off at the Tunnel trail and our mountain goat guide hopped up the Cathedral Peak trail. Shortly we were in for a 1.5 mile 2000 ft+ ascent. The trail wound its way up a ridgeline towards one of the gorgeous eroding mountains by the coast with stone sticking out of its side. I'd stared at some of the beautiful rocks up on those ridges in the past, and finally I got a chance to get up nice and close to them. The trail kept going but unfortunately my fear of my poor scrambling skills got the best of me and I didn't scramble all the way to the top, but I did manage to get close. The views from the ridges were phenomenal, peering into some of the creek carved canyons along with sweeping vistas of Santa Barbara and the Pacific.

The Photographs

The pictures were taken with my Minolta system, SRT101 body. The first roll of film was another Kodak Ektachrome Color Infrared roll, this time shot at the marked ISO 200, opening up one half stop for shots in the shadows (which weren't too many). I think that may be the best way to shoot this film with my camera, at least in sunny conditions. Some of the shots turned out pretty well. The second roll is Kodachrome PKR 64.

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