Bryce Canyon 2001

On Memorial Day of 2001, Isaiah and I jumped into the Talon and went on a whirlwind trip to Bryce Canyon. While I had been in Utah before, briefly at Arches, this was my first foray into the heart of Southern Utah and its truly inspiring landscape. Aside from listening to a lot of Radiohead and seeing some beautiful forests and sights that I didnt' get a chance to photograph, Bryce Canyon proved to be amazing. The red stone formations stood out against the surrounding pine forests. Backcountry camping along the rim of the canyon, even with a heavy ass pack that made for a back-stressing hike down and up, gave a wonderful view of just how beautiful this place really is around sunrise and sunset.

The Photographs

These pictures were with the same old Miranda camera with a mixture of Kodak Gold 100, TMax 400, and Plus X 125. The pictures were scanned from negatives with a SprintScan 4000. High resolution scans are available. Click on the "Next" in the upper right to start browsing through them. My favorite shots from this sequence are: