Great Basin, Zion 2002

Thanksgiving is always an enjoyable time for me. A four day weekend is a perfect amount of time to go on crazy road trips. After attending a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at a friend's parents up in the Bay Area, I headed off East, just driving to see where things would take me. I wound up having a wonderful trip across the desert of Nevada on the lonliest highway in America. Camping in the high desert in winter is cold, but thankfully I had my winter gear with me. I dumped myself out at Great Basin National Park. The park was snowed in, providing the bizarre experience of hiking along a snowy mountain creek while looking out to the horizon and seeing the sandy desert below. I continued on through Western Utah for a jump to Zion. I had never seen the red walls of Zion before and was in awe. On the way in rain clouds from the night before were passing over, and as I was driving in the morning sun broke through and illuminated the canyon. I did a hike up to Angel Point, the trail where the majority of the pictures are taken. This was a trip filled with grand mountain and desert vistas, amazing cloud formations, and some cold weather, and definitely places I to which I need to return.

The Photographs

These photographs were taken with a Miranda camera on Plus-X 125 film. Click on "Next" in the upper right to begin, or one of the links below to jump to a specific park: