November 2007

Over Thanksgiving I unfortunately was not able to have my family with me, so I decided to go out for a trip through Arizona and visit a number of the parks and areas I'd not visited before.

I started off in Chiricahua NM and went on a wonderful day long loop hike that went into a number of different valleys and up to the amazing rock formations. The sky was cloudy and threatening rain, but the sun kept poking through during the day. The rock formations were similar to Pinnacles but they had eroded in much more unique ways.

After a rainy night camping, I decided to put off backpacking and instead visit a number of different ruins scattered through Arizona. I was amazed to see the complexity of the cultures of the whole area between the phenomenal structures, irrigation systems, and trade stretching down into Mexico. I hope someday we will learn the full history of these great cultures.

The ride back took me from Tonto NM through the Apache Trail, a wonderful single lane dirt road weaving through some gorgeous canyon country just begging for a raft or a jeep. Similar to Eagle Canyon, this is another area to which I will need to return.

The Photographs

I started off with a roll of Kodachrome KM 25, followed by Kodachrome PKL 200, Scala, and ending with a roll of Kodachrome PKR 64.

The camera and lenses used were my old Minolta manual system was in use. Click on "Next" in the upper right to begin.