More Screenshots

These screenshots are from earlier points in the patch development and so are a bit rougher around the edges

09/01/02 17:39: Toolbars now draw with the Aqua background. The button highlights are still drawn from rectangles, but they do inherit the background. It should be possible to turn them into rounded bevel buttons if desired

08/25/02 21:15: The tab bar control (svtools) is now Aquafied. This control is frequently used to page through a objects in a document, such as different drawing slides as shown at the bottom of this sdraw window. Also note aquafication of combo boxes and spinners too!

08/25/02 13:58: New sdraw showing results of Aquafication of spinner controls and the combo box (top left 'dropdown' which displays an editable URL field for the open file).

08/15/02 00:41: New sdraw window illustrating Aqua scrollbars, while scrolling to the right.

07/31/02 22:02: Simpress (the presentation component) running with new beveled button implementaiton. If you look at the buttons to the top of the vertical scrollbar and the left of the horizontal scrollbar, now they're Aqua beveled buttons. The default blue coloring is also removed for things drawn as pushbuttons. Notice how the palette frame hasn't been Aquafied but is still drawn in the default Win95 LAF. We'll get there...give us time! Beneath it is another sdraw window with the new patch. As always for my screenshots, Britany Spears on a tree swing is on the desktop.

07/30/02 00:45: I finished my compile, and got a shot of the view option dialog with the new Aqua background drawing. Compare this one to the shot from earlier patches. Isn't this wicked?! Thank Dan for the awesome work on getting these background as smooth as they are!

07/30/02 01:15: After playing around with overloading more methods of the VCLView, I got resize working. This allowed me to actually resize the sdraw window above and get the full contents to draw with very little corruption on the rightmost edge. Before this would have all been invalid noise. I'm learning new respect for dynamic binding in ObjC!

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